1.  Vision
To EMPOWER people and give them a respectable life. We envision a country without poverty & hunger. A country where people have Freedom to make choices and Freedom to Dissent. A country where people are Educated and can become entrepreneurs or find jobs of their choice to sustain themselves and their families. A country where Peace and Harmony prevail to let its citizens discover themselves and choose their path to Happiness with minimal cost on earth.
  1.  Mission
  1.  Free and mandatory School Education for All – Reform school and higher Education. Spend major portion of central and state budgets on education.
  2.  Free Healthcare for All – Setup healthcare infrastructure to provide good quality healthcare in each district, down to the villages.
  3.  Jobs and Employment – We will strive to arrange jobs and work for all by setting up industries and encouraging private participation.
  4.  Police Reforms – Separate “law & order” and investigation roles, make police accountable, implement SC Police Reforms Judgement of 2006.
  5.  Administrative reforms (Bureaucratic Reforms) – Bring Accountability & total Transparency in government and bureaucracy. This will improve efficiency of the government by leaps and bounds.
  6.  Judicial Reforms– Bring time limit for decisions, make judges and advocates accountable to provide quality justice without delay. Help courts take decisions without influence of government and politicians.
  7.  Electoral Reforms – Reduce role of money and muscle power in election. Debar criminals.
  8.  Farmers Issues – Aid them to earn a respectable livelihood and focus on sustainable farming.
  1.  What do we want
  1. We envisage 100% literacy in India in next five to ten years.
  2. We will make all School Education free and compulsory. We will ensure that quality of education improves. Current education system doesn’t provide adequate emphasis of morals, honesty, values, ethics and will be overhauled. Current system doesn’t produce the quality of people required to take this country to greater heights.
  3. We strongly believe that to transform India we must majorly focus on Education.
  4. We will provide Free Healthcare to all Indians.
  5. We will implement Police Reforms. Police must do proper investigation of all cases without fear or favour. They must not be allowed to be influenced by politicians, media etc.
  6. We will implement Judicial Reforms. Our judiciary is slowly loosing it’s conscience and moral authority. We have to help them set their house in order and work independently of the government.
  7. We will implement Electoral Reforms so that honest and educated people can participate in our political process without hindrance.
  8. We will implement Administrative Reforms and bring Accountability for all tasks the government undertakes.
  9. We think farmers are the most important people in India. We must help them sustain and give them reasonable price for their produce.
  10. We will work towards providing Universal Basic Income to all poor families in India in exchange for work.
  11. We will be an Open and Transparent Government – will implement Open Contracting, Open Tendering, Open Judiciary, Support RTI. All decisions will be in public domain and open to scrutiny but will not delay decision making.
  12. We will bring unprecedented Transparency to the working of the government. We will be an infotech driven transparent government sharing all non-confidential data publicly.
  13. We believe that RTI is an instrument to keep government under check and institution governing it must stay independent.
  14. We firmly believe in Institutionalized Governance. We will make our institutions stronger and independent so that they do their work without any fear or favour.
  15. We promise to make this country green and plant billions of trees to help achieve that target.
  16. We will do everything in our power to reduce the gap between rich and poor which is the primary reason for all crime and law & order issues.
  17. We will create an official Shadow cabinet to hear others viewpoint.
  18. We will devote major focus on R&D and innovation.
  19. We will give full statehood to Delhi so that its government can work independently without any interference.
  1.  What do we believe in
  1. We believe in less Government.
  2. We will build a honest country where people have morals, values and ethics. Only a honest nation can prosper. This requires a honest and transparent government. That is what we will provide.
  3. We believe in freedom of speech and media. We will allow full freedom to media to function – including allowing criticism of the government. We will NOT curb dissent of any form.
  4. We believe in Institutionalized Governance and Accountability. We will strengthen our institutions and make them independent so that they can take decisions without political pressures.
  5. We will provide power to the common people to question our Parliament. And this will be our commitment to the people of India to usher in actual DEMOCRACY and to give POWER to the people. We will allow members of the public to create and support e-Petitions for consideration by the Parliament of India.
    1. At 50,000 signatures, the government will formally respond to the petitioners.
    2. At 200,000 signatures, the request will be considered by the Petitions Committee for debate in the Parliament.
    1. (All the figures mentioned above will be amendable and will be appropriately fixed by Parliament from time to time.)
  6. All Political Parties will be brought under the ambit of RTI.
  7. We will massively reduce government expenditure, which is the main reason for ever increasing taxes being levied on its citizens. Ministries and Departments which reduce their expenditure without compromising on their targets will be rewarded. This will also help government muster up resources to spend more on Education and Healthcare.
  8. Expenditure on publicity by all governments will be capped. Restrictions will be placed on Central and State government budgets for advertisements and promotions so that we utilize this money for Education & Health infrastructure.
  9. We will reduce taxes. We will reduce GST.
  10. We will be a Non Greedy government. It’s a government’s greed which increases prices of all items and commodities thus burdening its citizens.
  11. We will make Gross National Happiness (GNH) as the measurement of health of our nation rather than Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  12. We will reduce corporate taxes to be on par with developed countries, especially countries in South East Asia.
  13. We will have only one Road Tax across India – one country, one road tax.
  14. We will only support Sustainable Development. We will encourage organic farming, Water conservation, Rainwater Harvesting etc.
  15. Urban planning will be strengthened. We will not allow unplanned development of highways, roads, villages, cities etc. We will increase support for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Public transport.
  16. We do NOT believe in discriminatory treatment based on religion, caste, gender, race, colour, age etc. We support LGBT rights.
  17. Our government will hold regular (monthly or quarterly) press conference to answer questions of press / media.
  18. We will make government officials hold regular meetings with public and engage with public rather than sitting in their office and doing governance.
  19. We will fix the Grievance redressal mechanism (Public Grievance Portal) of the government to allow only a complainant to close a grievance. A government officer will not be able to close a complaint till complainant is satisfied. This should improve governance by leaps and bounds. If our Grievance system starts working a lot of India’s issues will be gone.
  20. We will engage with the people of this country and our PM and Ministers (in case we participate in the govt) will directly hold regular grievance redressal conversation with people.
  21. We believe India should have Uniform Civil code.
  22. We will encourage citizens to have small families which will help them focus on bringing up children with love, affection, values and ethics. We strongly believe education will help them understand this better.
  23. We will hold unconditional conversation with all separatist movements inside the country, especially the Maoist movement in states of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, parts of Jharkhand & Maharashtra. We believe they must be heard and their issues and viewpoints incorporated into governance.
  24. We will abolish Electoral Bonds and allow entities and individuals to donate to parties of their choice transparently without any pressure. Their will be no harassments or special scrutiny of citizens or institutions whoever they donate to.
  25. We will abolish UAPA and Sedition law. They are archaic laws and have no place in modern society except to suppress dissent.
  26. We will abolish Contempt of Court law.
  27. We will bring a Law of Accountability for government officials.
  28. We will remove the need for grant of permission to prosecute a government official. This is a means used by the government to protect corrupt and pliable officers who help them subvert the law.
  29. We will review and probably remove the Official Secrets Act which is often used to harass honest government officials.
  30. We will reward honest government officials and shame dishonest government officials. A list of honest and dishonest government officials will be shared publicly, i.e. displayed on website, and updated periodically.
  31. Initiative and Innovation by bureaucrats will be rewarded and mistakes during initiatives will be accepted. We will give them freedom to execute their positive ideas.
  32. We will make RBI accountable and answerable to citizens of this country. They have failed to protect public money, their working is opaque and they are slow. RBI is not ready to share publicly the list of top hundred defaulters of India despite a Supreme Court order is a testimony to their total lack of honesty, transparency and ethics.
  33. Ministers, MPs, MLAs, IAS and all bureaucrats will be given free treatment in government hospitals ONLY. No reimbursement for treatment in private hospitals.
  34. We will create an Employment Commission to resolve disputes between employers and employees. We currently have no institutions to fight for rights of employees in private companies and for dispute resolution.
  35. We will enact Right to Recall for all elected representatives, especially Members of Parliament (MPs), Assemblies (MLAs) and Municipal Councilors.
  36. Right to Reject (NOTA) will be strengthened to actually reject all candidates standing in the election.
  37. We will notify the Whistleblower Protection Act of 2014 without any delay. This Act has been passed by the Parliament but has not been notified yet.
  38. We will enact a Witness Protection Law to protect all types of witnesses.
  39. Law on Whips will be reviewed to allow more freedom to MPs and MLAs to vote on bills.
  40. We will make government media like Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR) independent and help them excel. They must not be government mouthpieces and should not promote only government’s viewpoint.
  41. We will perform periodic Social Audit of government welfare schemes and will place the audit reports in public domain.
  42. We believe in private enterprise.