1. We promise to adhere to our principles whether we win elections or not.
  2. We are honest.
  3. We are transparent and democratic.
  4. We are open to RTI queries except for strategic decisions.
  5. We believe in individual freedom and liberty – Liberalism.
  6. We are secular. We do NOT mix religion and politics.
  7. We believe all individuals are equal irrespective of religion, caste, language, region, colour, race or sexual orientation.
  8. We are a totally Green party. We deeply understand climate change and global warming. We strongly believe in sustainable development.
  9. To unleash the potential in this country we must educate India and help setup industries.
  10. We want honest, principled and virtuous people in our party.
  11. We are a volunteer based party and volunteers are our primary strength.
  12. We will encourage volunteers to take leadership role and grow with the party. We will provide training and guidance to volunteers for this.
  13. We will have a Grievance department which will be headed by Convener of the party. All unanswered questions will be answered by the Convener.
  14. We will have an internal Lokpal to address complaints against party members including the Convener and elected representatives from our party.
  15. We will democratically elect our party leadership once the party becomes stable (tentatively after initial five year period – to be reviewed by PAC based on situation).
  16. Parliamentary Affairs Committee (PAC) will collectively take major decisions to set direction for the party rather than the Convener alone.
  17. Majority portion of PAC will be chosen by active volunteers.
  18. Candidates will be chosen by active volunteers and PAC. Major role will be of volunteers, PAC might only rationalize the decision in case of conflicts and ethical issues.
  19. We will work with like minded people and parties to reform India and to fight elections.
  20. We will accept donations from both public and corporate entities but we will NOT give any favours to the corporate entities. We can ONLY promise them a good country, with rule of law, peace, law and order, low crime, level playing field, transparent governance, transparent laws, low taxes and freedom to honestly do their business. That will be their Return on Investment (ROI). If they want that, they should donate to Our Party.